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Cherry's maps

Collection of maps from a Scottish orienteer.

Halden daytrip 2nd session (11-03-2017)
Nicer terrain than this morning, map not quite as good. Navigation a bit dodgy at the start, but got better.
Halden- Easy Win (11-03-2017)
Ran like a total legend, knew as I was hitting the controls that the others had no chance!!! Destroyed the field!! Cant teach that...
ass day (11-02-2017)
Sábado 11 Fevereiro 2017
1st loop made me want to vomit haha. Disgusting terrain and horrible legs, got caught in a load of shit on the way to 1 and lost a...
Nightrace Moss (07-02-2017)
Terça-Feira 7 Fevereiro 2017
AOOK Middle  (04-02-2017)
Sábado 4 Fevereiro 2017
AOOK Middle distance training day. Some good bits, some shit bits. 1-4: Running safe pretty slowly, happy to hit 1st contro...
Ås by night3 (10-01-2017)
Cool terrain, very runnable despite being green. Anders Tiltnes caught me at 2, and then we both made a mistake on 3. Then we both...
Monday night training (09-01-2017)
Just 4 today. Got a bit confused to 5, wrong gaffle at 7 and wasn't at 17, got confused wasn't expecting such a big direction diff...
Risor Camp4 (08-01-2017)
Group long course with Anders N and Havard Haga. We ran 1 control each, mine were: 2,5,8,11,14,17,20, 23
Risor Camp3 (07-01-2017)
3 night intervals, easy pace after race this morning. Felt a bit empty so got eaten up by this tough terrain. Was good in the circ...
Risor Camp2 (07-01-2017)
Middle distance race. Pleased with the race (apart from an aviodable 90sec parallel mistake at 8, typical loss of concentration on...
Risor Camp1 (06-01-2017)
Sexta-Feira 6 Janeiro 2017
Amazing terrain and map was voted best in Norway in 2011. Started well and was trying to find good routes, especially pleased ...
Quarta-Feira 4 Janeiro 2017
Mondaynight (02-01-2017)
Segunda-Feira 2 Janeiro 2017
DSQ at 14 (again) read to 15 on way to 19. Otherwise good, tried to run a bit more at the frint than usual. Quite tricky today