ass day (11/02/2017)
Category: Competition
Distance: 8.61 km
Time: 61:28
Average HR: 132
Maximum HR: 159
1st loop made me want to vomit haha. Disgusting terrain and horrible legs, got caught in a load of shit on the way to 1 and lost a load of time. Hating life on the way to 6, and questioning what life choices had taken me to this point...

Then it got a lot nicer! Dont know what happened at 9 but I knew where I was not quite confident enough to go north. Couldn't work it out and was stupid.

Another classic mistake on way back to butterfly control for 2nd time, then stupid straight routechoice to 2nd last control.

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ass day (11/02/2017) ass day (11/02/2017)