Blodslitet (22/10/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 28.76 km
Time: 174:55
Average HR: 138
Maximum HR: 192
Fun race. Everyone went hard at the start, and after a 2min mistake on the first control I was alone. Just didn't see it tucked away in the reentrant, Nick Simonin said he thought I punched it I was so close haha. But I had no real plan other than get to the path and see the field.

This was however quite good as it meant I ran slowly and consistently and didn't die too much at the end.

Went out on the last loop (14km ungaffled) together with a load of Nydalen runners, lead by Øystein Sørensen. He took nice route choices along paths that allowed me to save energy.

Tried to break away at 18 up the hill but Markus Holter held on, a small miss in the control and Øystein had caught up, everyone else was gone.

Then I ran into Hans Petter Mathiason taking a shit which put me off a bit haha.

Should have taken my own routechoice to the last control as Markus and Øystein destroyed me in the brutal 275m run in haha.
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Blodslitet (22/10/2016) Blodslitet (22/10/2016)