Harry Lagerts Final (14/10/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lillomarka
Distance: 18.24 km
Time: 132:59
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 210
Amazing experience, really wild terrain, beautiful forest. Probably also some of the toughest night orienteering I have done, really struggling on these vague green slopes. A lot of errors, typical after work orienteering haha.

3- Thought we came to the open hill on the left, as it was very open.

4, just didnt see the big hill soon enough, came to the little hill

5- No real plan, had good initial direction, but ended up in thic horrible green and got pushed off, realised and came back in.

6-Tried to run next to lake and was horrendous, had to run up again then back down. Then ended up running through green on wrong side of lake. Then missed the control, not aggressive enough from my attachpoint on the dot knoll, followed the line of runnability rather than compass.

10- Was in a big group at 9 and tried to get away by sprinting off, haha typical dickhead mistake ended up in grotty hillside then ran back up to the cabin. Caught up group again by 12.

15- Ran around on the unmarked path, that was marked in red pen on the race map. But then made a parallel mistake on the way in, and saw loads of other people in this area, so got drawn off compass bearing stupid.

19- Was getting hectic and really fast in a group, charged out and ended up on wrong spur.

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Harry Lagerts Final (14/10/2016) Harry Lagerts Final (14/10/2016)