NM Relay 3rd leg (11/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 8.2 km
Time: 47:58
Average HR: 131
Maximum HR: 167
A much better race technically, feels so good to finally run well in Bodø, was having serious issues in the long and middle qual.

Went out in 12th in a big group, was 3rd in the group on the way to 1 behind Borger and Carl. They ran so fast up that hill I was struggling to keep contact. Everyone in the group dropped into that first control even though only carl had it, then to the 2nd, then I went alone to the third. Not a mistake as such, but not ideal.

Now I was with AndersV and SimenA through an intense gaffling area.

Ran pretty hard to 6 and at the top of the hill was alone. Safe and good orienteering to 6,7,8.

Long round routechoice to 9, got to the control and read the wrong code. Ran away then back, AndersNordberg then caught me (started 1min behind). Recon I lost about 40sec on this control.

Last loop, missed the path up to 13 and Anders got ahead. Followed him 14,15,16. Got ahead at 16 but then ran into the wrong depression. Behind on 18, 19, 20 planning my attack- Jon Aukrust was just ahead as well, but then the sole of my shoe came off and I couldn't sprint properly with it flapping around (only attached at the toe) so came into 14th just behind Morten, Anders and Jon Aukrust.
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NM Relay 3rd leg (11/09/2016) NM Relay 3rd leg (11/09/2016)