KM Mellom Oslo (04/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 5.76 km
Time: 51:34
Average HR: 169
Maximum HR: 210
Just horrendous orienteering from me, really embarassing haha. Tough terrain and brutal course with a lot of climb and green.

3- No control going into area, extremely vague, thought I went down to the big marsh but looks like I didn't. Visibility maybe 5m in here.
11- Had control halfway then got pulled out of the green onto wrong ridge.
12- Annoyed about 11, no attackpoint. Lost time fannying around.
14- No picture of control.
15- Getting tired and fed up with making mistakes, ran off down wrong ridge and got lost.
18- Up to my neck in freezing cold stinking marsh, then didn't go close enough to the steep slope.

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KM Mellom Oslo (04/09/2016) KM Mellom Oslo (04/09/2016)