KM Lang Lauervann (03/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 9.53 km
Time: 56:28
Average HR: 172
Maximum HR: 189
KM lang buskered- me and cuntface drove out from Oslo in the morning.

Pretty special terrain, limestone pavement with Lidar map, but really really difficult to read at speed. Just about everyone in the entire H21 field made over 2mins of mistakes.

2- Good routechoice
3- A scary looking leg, straight- and pretty much walked in
4- Was so pleased after 3 that I didnt look at my compass. Then I got lost on the paths and ended up at a big marsh, saw Emil Ahlbäk and smashed it over the control. Was thick and low vis in the white, I looked into the depression and didnt see the flag, then ran out and back again :(

6- Got a stick to the eye, and my vision in the right eye went blurry (still blurry this evening). Lost a bit of concentration and time into 6.
8- Visibility in this 'open' are was low, too high with poor attackpoint.

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KM Lang Lauervann (03/09/2016) KM Lang Lauervann (03/09/2016)