WOC 2016 Long (25/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 19.01 km
Time: 134:35
Really good preparation. Planned almost the exact course and felt great physically and 95% good technically. One concentration lapse and the map rubbing out cost me 7.5mins and my top 30 place, a lot of good things to take away from this race, but am gutted :(

8-Started getting stomach cramps and had to stop just after number 7 to take a dump. Did it quickly then ran off on the wrong hill, not totally concentrating and ended up making a huge parallel error +5mins.

17- About 400m after number 8 (control with fresh maps) I unfolded my map to see that the entire area around number 17 was completely white. I could still see the road on the left so had to run as close to the control as possible here, then take an accurate bearing in the direction of the control. Luckily I met a Croatian guy and I saw his map, allowing me to find the control. But this whole leg cost me 2.5mins extra.

These two mistakes were totally bizarre and apparently strange things happen WOC. Normal mistakes:

2- Sub optimal line to path at start, and then should have run straighter at the end. But was so sick of running in the horrible terrain and followed Julian dent around a path.

3- Ran up the wrong reentrant.

10-Wrong hill top

29-Missed reentrant, extra s-bend.
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WOC 2016 Long (25/08/2016) WOC 2016 Long (25/08/2016)