Night Hawk e8 (13/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 7.55 km
Time: 45:47
Average HR: 172
Maximum HR: 186
Last leg. Ended up in the mass start by the closest of margins, Slava came in about 30sec after it closed. Anyway, was a good field and ran most of the race with Florian Schnieder and Andreas Ruudlinger.

2- Wobbled
5- Took a different routechoice alone, but was a bit low and ended up punching at the same time as Florian anyway.

Despite being in the mass start, my time has been taken from when Slava punched the finish, giving me a 4mins slower time. However, this meant that we weren't counted as a mass start team and because I caught the Kritstiansand last leg we beat them overall. A fantastic result for Varegg, and a great 2nd last relay after 3 good years.
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Night Hawk e8 (13/08/2016) Night Hawk e8 (13/08/2016)