Night Hawk 2016 E4 (12/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 11.57 km
Time: 69:07
Average HR: 179
Maximum HR: 207
Started off pretty badly, poor concentration after stressful week moving to Oslo etc. But after number 6 began orienteering well. Felt pretty poor physically as well at the start but got into it and felt pretty good by the end.

Thought I had lost the group after 1 but on the path leg after 8 I realised that everyone had made some mistakes and that this was the front of the race. Fastest split on the long leg back, and fame on worldofo :D

Finished in 4th 18sec down on Runesson.
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Night Hawk 2016 E4 (12/08/2016) Night Hawk 2016 E4 (12/08/2016)