Oringen E5 (29/07/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 12.92 km
Time: 86:42
Average HR: 173
Maximum HR: 187
Oringen Day5

Started 12th. Quite an early start and brain wasn't really in gear. However after the first drinks control I ran pretty well and was happy with that part of the race.

1-Planned to go hard to the open area, however all of the green/white was actually semi open, so got pushed massively off trying to run around it. I have done this before in Halden at norwegian spring, need to watch out for this at WOC. +2min

2- Bit too high up, track going to the control in the reentrant. Lots of H2 runners miss-punched here. +30sec

3- Stopped on one ridge too early. +45sec

At three the number 13 guy caught me 40sec. Ran with him to 6 where we took different routechoices.

8-9-10- On my own, really rocky underfoot and tehcnial low visibility. Green/white not obvious, pleased to get through this cleanly.

13- Just before control saw number 10 guy- he looked at me and said "oh fuck!" then I punched 13 looked around and he was gone, turned out he made a parallel mistake.

14-15-16- Nobody around me, thought that my position was set and cruised in being careful not to miss.

Run in: Number 10 guy had caught me up from behind again and we punched at the same time! We saw each other and both screamed simultaneously!! Sprinted as hard as I could and put in a good distance to him before the corridors.
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Oringen E5 (29/07/2016) Oringen E5 (29/07/2016)