OringenE4 (28/07/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 13.72 km
Time: 73:18
Average HR: 173
Maximum HR: 187
Oringen Day4
Much better course, trickier than the other days from the start. Was going OK until 9.

9- Parallel mistake 30sec
10-Came close, but should have run down reentrant into control, struggling with speed change in this technical section
11- Again too aggressive +20sec
12- Left too quickly chasing someone, ended up too far right. Then made a parallel mistake off a boulder. +60sec
15- Overshot slightly, and a bit too high. +20sec.

Rest of course, ran really hard, 2nd fastest split on 16! :D
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OringenE4 (28/07/2016) OringenE4 (28/07/2016)