French5days WRE-middle (13/07/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 6.42 km
Time: 43:46
Average HR: 102
Maximum HR: 166
A race of two halves. Ran horribly at the start, found 7 then took the worlds worst compass bearing reading parallel features. Super careful to 3 going low and picking off features, dot knoll, trees, boulders to line up my attack at the control. Stopped short by maybe 10m, then went crazy finding number 4 in the process.
Lucas Basset caught me up (6mins) and Alastair Mcleod (4mins) at this point. I ran with them until 10 where I saw Lucas making a mistake. I got 10 maybe 30seconds before, then continued to run a pretty clean race! Went really slowly in the approach to the control and picking really safe routes. Finally getting confidence in this terrain.
Ended up 2 mins infront of Lucas in the finish and 9 mins in front of Alastair.
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French5days WRE-middle (13/07/2016) French5days WRE-middle (13/07/2016)