Samling training 7 (02/07/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 5.23 km
Time: 46:48
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 186
Varegg samling training7

Downhill orienteering control pick, competition intensity. In general this was pretty bad, Slava was haning toilet paper in front but I caught him at 11, so after that no controls. The map was pretty terrible, a lot more detail and vegetation on the ground.

3- Loads of extra detail here, took a bit of time to find the corect hole.

8- Worlds worst bearing from 7, although compass doing loop the loops again, and others were struggling, magnetic rocks haha.

9- Annoyed at mistake to 8, and just pounded down ridge, on either side was very bushy and nasty. Came too low but relised quite quickly.

12-13: Fell over in the stream and destroyed part of the map. Also got a stick deep into the tear duct of my right eye (maybe 1 inch in), yanked this out and it hurt quite a lot. Was a bit shaken by this so wandered over to 18 where the map was less affected by the water.

last section: map was terrible here, and no controls, really hard to push at competition speed. And eye hurt haha. Good session!!

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Samling training 7 (02/07/2016) Samling training 7 (02/07/2016)