Varegg samling training3 (30/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 5.78 km
Time: 39:24
Average HR: 175
Maximum HR: 187
Varegg samling training3

Middle distance high intensity.
Started first 2min infront of Oskar and 4min in front of PH.
Focussing again on exit direction from controls.

4- Got confused in area with crags, only the vertical ones are mapped. Quite randomly as well. Ended up making a parallel mistake in the green area. 2min
5-Got pushed in green, was quite thick and came a bit higher than intended.
10- Wobbled a bit, map was pretty vague and there was a lot of additional detail in terrain. Also quite a lot of low vegetation, braken and stuff.
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Varegg samling training3 (30/06/2016) Varegg samling training3 (30/06/2016)