Samling training2 (29/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 12.64 km
Time: 86:24
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 185
Varegg Samling training 2
Really really nice mountain terrain, hard underfoot and amazing views the whole way. Some of the best I have been in. Long training at threshold pace.

Wanted to focus on direction in and out of controls. This I managed until the 9th control. Was very pleased with run up to here.
Compass started swinging in the open area at 9, apparently there are some magnetic rocks here, but I should have had better control on the countours. Made some parallel errors.
No controls out, so 14 I was unsure, but thought I was close. 15 I was focussing on the compass but went way off, getting tired, +possible magnetic rocks.
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Samling training2  (29/06/2016) Samling training2  (29/06/2016)