Jukola 2016 5th Leg (19/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 9.51 km
Time: 59:34
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 187
Jukola 2016 5th Leg
Was actually really good to get back in the terrain and check out some of my mistakes on 1st leg at morderate threshold speed. Though I had been drinking beer and coke and ate just cakes and stuff since I finished at midnight, and I went out here at 4am. However after the first few controls my body eased into it and I really enjoyed this technical leg.
0-1: Wanted to check out routes through this terrible, terrible area. Was soooo much easier this time with tracks and stuff. However did get a bit distracted thinking about 1st leg and ran a bit far.
5-6: Intended banana not quite bendy enough, ended up hopping a few ditches.
15-16: Pathed it to avoid unknown green. Guess the leaders went straight here?

Rory McTaverstock managed a 65th position on this leg. And salvaged 50 places for ShUOC.
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Jukola 2016 5th Leg (19/06/2016) Jukola 2016 5th Leg (19/06/2016)