Jukola 2016 1st Leg (18/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 11.35 km
Time: 67:46
Average HR: 181
Maximum HR: 213
Jukola 1st Leg.
Strange leg for me.
0-1: Start to first control was horrible, and got totally caught behind people, pushing fighting , just horrendous. I didn’t make a mistake as such but was 2.5min down at the 3rd control! Unfortunately GPS has no button lock and paused in the green area, but before it did this it looks like I was wiggling a bit too much, but I really don’t know what I could have done better in that area. Should have given more on the run out and not let people get past maybe. +2.5min :(
2- Looked tricky, found gaffle on route, on open spur, then straight in.
4-Looked tricky and knew this one was going to be gaffled after mash, attacked marsh through reentrant and knoll, then really tried to hold direction, but was dead thick in there. Popped out not quite at junction (aim) so ran up and bounced off ride with boulder +30sec
5-8- Ran really hard on these legs, and got past a lot of people.
9- Again looked like a tricky gaffled control on diffuse hill top. Was carnage on womens relay in these areas. Really focusing on compass here and not others, up through the reentrant with dot knoll, continued saw the steep thin spur and spiked control. Punched with Halden, Lidingø and a bunch of other good teams who had made a mistake.
10- Underestimated trickiness of this. No good attackpoint then descended into a sea of lights, got it after 10sec of pause.
11-Finish- Hell for leather. Tits blazing!! Pulled up to 13th place, 85sec behind lysell, and 45 behind front of leading group. Pretty satisfied, but could have been better at start.
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Jukola 2016 1st Leg (18/06/2016) Jukola 2016 1st Leg (18/06/2016)