EOC Middle Final (27/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 6.08 km
Time: 39:57
This race was a disappointment, was really fired up after a good qualification race the previous day, and felt I really had nothing to lose here. Unfortunately a few small mistakes at the beginning caused me to lose this focus, and I seriously began to feel my tired legs from the outset. Without attaking this terrain hard you lose a lot of time... However there are a lot of good parts to take away.

1- Didn't regognise the need to climb out of the start and came too low, most of the startfield did this. When I was too low it took me ages to get up over the broken ground, rocks, general horribleness urderfoot everywhere. +30sec

3- Trying to bounce off vegetation on the way in, however the yellow striped and green area were identical, leading to being too high. Boulders everywhere here, have no idea how they decide which to put on the map. +20sec

4- OK, decided routechoice early and excecuted, but could have been faster to go straighter. Just couldn't see a line of runnability through the boulder strewn, green mess that was this area.

6-Got caught in a bramble patch for ca 10sec trying to enter green. Some girls didnt make it through this patch and made huge mistakes around 6.

Next section of course ws quite easy with good runnability

12- Regognised a tricky control, but was so tired from the uphill running, saw the boulder next to the path, knew that I needed to go left, but it just took me so long. Lots of boulders everywhere, branches on the floor and I was falling over a lot. Really tough terrain here. +1min

13- Similar to 12, +20sec

Now got caught by my 2min man, whcih made finding 14, 15 easier. He ran sooo fast on the long leg so I just hung on, even though the routechoice looking back was shit.

Rest of the course was really nice, quite a lot easier than the slope. Managed to get infront of my 2min man again in 20-21-22. Then he caught back up in the dead running at the end.

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EOC Middle Final (27/05/2016) EOC Middle Final (27/05/2016)