EOC Middle Qualifier (26/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Feeling tired at the start, but luckily the course was mostly downhill. I focussed on hitting each control bang on, and on taking safe routes. Really happy with the race when I came into the finish, added bonus to qualify to the final (only Brit!). Made around 70sec of mistakes.

2- Missed left in thick green, saw the open and back up to the control. +20sec
4- Slightly too far right, +10sec
13- First went around which was slower, then did go far enough before dropping, found another control on the ditch and bounced back to mine. +30sec
21 and runin- Ran to the field before realising the control was ontop(?!) of the bank. Then ran back out to the field, but the runin was in the forest (!). +15sec

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EOC Middle Qualifier (26/05/2016) EOC Middle Qualifier (26/05/2016)