EOC Long Final (24/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 19.98 km
Time: 112:24
A much cooler day and felt so much better than yesterday. No head-cold symptoms, legs stiff but not too heavy, and was looking forward to the race. Overall I was very pleased with this race, and a large improvement on World Students long race 2 years ago which was on similar terrain.

I took the best routechoices for every control, a couple of small misses bot nothing drastic. Mostly I was losing time on the flat path running, which there was a lot of... need to get faster!!

2-Bit too high, 20sec
5-Looking ahead, deciding routechoices for later. Dropped off the wrong bit of the path and had to double back. +20sec.
9- tried to contour, then dropped anyway, should have dropped immediately, +30sec
14-White forest around control was not that white, quite low vis. Got pushed by the steepness of the terrain, as did a lot of other runners. +20sec.
15- Bit too high +1-sec
17- Should have taken small path, as a result wasn't quite sure where to go in, +seriously tired now. +20sec

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EOC Long Final (24/05/2016) EOC Long Final (24/05/2016)