EOC Long Qualifier (26/05/2016)
Category: Competition
A scrappy race technically with some unforgivable mistakes, also felt awful before the start and convinced myself I had picked up a cold after 10mila. Throat totally dry and scratchy and feeling shite.

Got to the finish and told the coach how bad it was, but was then amazed to see I qualified (by 20sec haha).

3- Found the crag right before the control, and looked up the reentrant, but the control was right at the top and didnt see it. +45 sec
4- Poor exit point from path, missed right in a very vague reentrant and control sitting very low +30sec
10-Running with a Latvian who was way left of me on my route and got dragged a bit by him, found an obvious ditch/path junction and thought it was the one under the line, was as a result way too high. +90sec
16- Missed left, getting really tired, was so hot and feeling dreadful.

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EOC Long Qualifier (26/05/2016) EOC Long Qualifier (26/05/2016)