10Mila 1st leg (14/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lugnut, Falun
Distance: 14.96 km
Time: 77:21
Average HR: 177
Maximum HR: 190
Really fun, brutal 1st leg over the ski jump hill.
1-Bit dodgy into control through diffuse area, met willy muncher and we hit it together.
2- Took right routechoice, left was approx 40sec faster
4- Waved at TV camera at 3, not that focussed to 4, also had Yannik Muchiels breathing down my neck, saw the big rock beynd the control and thought I still hadn't gone far enough. Dropeed to other gaffle and realised immediately. Still almost 2min time loss.
Rest of race: Going crazy trying to catch up the teams. Was 60th at 4 but came into finish 18th haha. Was just running like crazy the whole way, with average orienteering. Felt great phyically.
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10Mila 1st leg (14/05/2016) 10Mila 1st leg (14/05/2016)