Norwegian Spring Long (24/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 17.09 km
Time: 103:44
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 206
Nicest terrain I have ever ran a long distance in, and a great course. Was pretty pleased with the whole race, apart from one control.

3-In too early, got muddled up with the hills above the green. 30sec

13- Took the wrong routehoice (right was 1min faster).

Then was pushing hard and beginning to feel tired. Then popped out in a large open area! This threw me off and I thought I could have ran too far NE to the larger open/green area. Also i hearf the guy I had caught up sprint back into the green so ran after thinking we had overshot. Turned out I hadn't and was thrown off by vegetation, should have kept going, stupid (mistake 2min). 3min lost total.

Rest of race was really good. On some of the long legs I was only 30sec down on lundanes and Georgeiou, lots of good things to take away from this one. Would have only gone up 2 places without the mistake. Things even out over long races.
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Norwegian Spring Long (24/04/2016) Norwegian Spring Long (24/04/2016)