Norwegian Spring Middle (23/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skarefjell
Distance: 6.45 km
Time: 40:06
Average HR: 185
Maximum HR: 202
A totally average run. The first half of the course was pretty easy, though I felt pretty insecure on my compass work, as it is impossible to practice this in Bergen.
10-wobbled on compass +10sec
12- Another wobble+down a cliff +15sec

Then caught my 2min man, he looked a lot like olav Lundanes and was confused in the heat of the race so blind followed him towards 13.

13-Following, no attackpoint, missed control and lost 40sec.
15- Trying to run hard, took a dodge compass bearing, ended up above the control, 2min man 50m ahead uphill. +30sec

Just under 2 mins mistakes, but I shouldn't have made those mistakes on 13 and 15. Best position in Norwegian cup middle (!) but 7min behind Lundanes was too much...
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Norwegian Spring Middle (23/04/2016) Norwegian Spring Middle (23/04/2016)