Gneist 2 Dagers Middle (09/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 4.13 km
Time: 32:34
Average HR: 171
Maximum HR: 193
2- Too far left (caught oskar and followed him)+45 sec
7- Undershoot and then ran around wrong hill, grovelled along the left hand side of the actual hill 15sec
8- Too far north 15sec
10- Shite direction, almost into the botanical gardens, climed then dropped, lost 15sec to Rune.
17- Stupidly left road too early and ended up in a hortrible felled area, the area on the RHS of the road became steeper than it looked on the map and I thought I was further up. 15sec.

Under 2 mins mistake on a dead technical middle race, so am happy, but did get beaten by Rune (M40) shit he's good in this terrain!
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Gneist 2 Dagers Middle (09/04/2016) Gneist 2 Dagers Middle (09/04/2016)