25manna 24th leg (10/10/2015)
Category: Competition
Leg: 25th
Distance: 10.1 km
Time: 50:39
Bit scrappy, but fairly pleased (after 1st control)

1- 90sec. Not used to immediate super fast Stockholm terrain. Overshot on dodgy compass (really fast terrain). Classic parralel mistake, but hamstring was still ok.

3- Too far left, 10sec

10- Stupid route into control, still thought I was in Stendskogen haha, 20sec.

12- Dodgy compass from field +15sec.

16- Ran like a total idiot here, trying to 'save climb' haha. Also dodgy compass (trend appearing here??...) +15sec

23- Got distracted by drunk finnish orienteers playing music haha, they laughed at me as I retraced my steps to the control +15sec.

2mins 45 second mistake total, just a bit too scrappy really, but is the end of the season, need to work a bit on compass.
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25manna 24th leg  (10/10/2015) 25manna 24th leg  (10/10/2015)