Norwegian spring long (19/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Distance: 17.77 km
Time: 112:41
Nice terrain, mixed feelings about the race.

Missed number 1 got confused with the out of bound area and thought the control was on a hill top, but was atually further down the other side.

Idiotic route choice to number 2, losing 2-3 mins.

Small mistake on 3.

Then caught by Jarkko Huovila on the way to 4, he was really running fast. He fell on the way down from 7 and after that he was going a bit slower and I started taking slightly different lines, got away from him after he missed the 13th control and had a clean last section alone.

Again a lot of the race attributed to hanging on, but wasnt as much hanging as yesterday haha.
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Norwegian spring long (19/04/2015) Norwegian spring long (19/04/2015)