NM Mellom (13/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Leiskogen
Organiser: Asker Skiklubb
Country: Norge
Discipline: Mellom
Distance: 6.34 km
Time: 47:02
NM Middle Final

Felt OK today before the race but then felt so tired running up to the start.

The beginning of the course was going well, but then at 3 I thought I was at 4 and went in the wrong direction.

On the way to 5 I was really put off by the vegetation to my left close to the control. It was completely open but marked as a mixture of white and green. I couldnt believe I was in the correct place even though I was on my compass bearing so messed around a bit.

I was unlucky on the way to 9 had to climb down a crag, other people tumbled across gaps. I fell a bit on the way down and landed heavily on my ankle twisting it a bit. Began running and it was pretty sore, not concentrating properly lead to a huge mistake on 9- quite an easy control actually. I thought I had good control along the marsh.

By this point I had a bad ankle and almost 7mins mistakes so just ran steadily for the rest of the race.

Bad day in the office haha....
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NM Mellom (13/09/2014) NM Mellom (13/09/2014)