Jukola trening 4 (13/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Distance: 8.08 km
Time: 77:13
So bad, thought I was on technical form but made lots of mistakes today. Though everyone agreed that the map at 3 was just very strange, but I stopped too early. 7-6 I had poor control and was lucky to make just a small mistake, 6-8 was really bad, had poor direction the first time and tried to read the arshes making a parallel error. Went back and re-ran then leg this time using the marshes as I had planned the first time. Better. Was then OK, but the last control was very strange, the vegetation was completely off here, but I should have known to keep going and not to to stop too early.
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Jukola trening 4 (13/06/2014) Jukola trening 4 (13/06/2014)