WC #3 Kongsberg Lang (08/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gamleveien Nord
Distance: 0 km
Time: 0:00
Felt OK today but when I started I definitely had pretty heavy legs from yesterday. Also extremely hot today.

1- Was too high and ran past the control. Hit the reentrant and doubled back (90sec)
Håkon caught me on the way to 3, 3mins! He was really shifting so I sat behind him.
6- We went a bit too far down the hill (20sec)
8-I was looking for the thin reentrant but had actually come to high, then was a bit uncertain, (90sec)
17- OK this I am really gutted about. I was in the process of hitting the wall on the way to 16 and after the climb up to 16 my head was swimming. I stopped way too early on 17 and started searching, when I didn't find the control I was too tired to know what to do and ended up at 18 eventually. (7.5min)
20-Terrible routechoice and stopped too early looking for the control (30sec).

Good points to take away are that I was able to hang onto Håkon and when he eventually dropped me I was navigating well. Occasionally I took a different routechoice to him and gained some ground, he was using the classic norwegian technique of straight through everything.

However really gutted about the mistake at the end, I was so tired could barely run on the flat and my legs were burning with cramp after the climb to 16. Need to train more!!
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WC #3 Kongsberg Lang (08/06/2014) WC #3 Kongsberg Lang (08/06/2014)