WC #3 Kongsberg Mellom (07/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Distance: 0 km
Time: 0:00
Was an OK run nothing major felt very good physically after couple of rest days.

1,2,3- All fine
4- Stopped too early and looked in another reentrant (15sec)
8-Stopped too early looked around another crag (15sec)
13- Stopped too early, open area was earlier on the map though I was pretty sure I hadnt run far enough. Lots of people had problems here. (30sec)
21- What the fuck was I thinking here. Was aiming for the marsh but didnt realise that I had to climb to get there. So contoured round and got to the lake. Then went straight up (1min).

So the run was OK but 2mins mistakes, and I probably lost 30sec or so with a poor route choice to 10 and general routechoice to 21. 2.5mins total so is over my 2min boundary for a 'good' run but still quite satified nonetheless.

I think tomorrow I will be a bit more aggressive with the routechoices now I know what the terrain is like. Also try to get a more solid attackpoint so I dont stop too early.
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WC #3 Kongsberg Mellom (07/06/2014) WC #3 Kongsberg Mellom (07/06/2014)